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If you need professional exhaust system service or muffler repair in Yakima, WA, consider using A Muffler Bandit. A Muffler Bandit is a family-owned and –operated, full-service auto shop specializing in an extensive range of repair services. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to service vehicles of all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Our prices are competitive and affordable, and our staff and repair crew are friendly.
In order to receive a valid registration sticker, vehicles must first pass an emissions test to ensure that they are not producing harmful amounts of polluting gasses. One of the most common causes for failing to pass the test is a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Catalytic converters are responsible for reducing the potency of the pollutants released from the tailpipe of a vehicle. These devices resemble mufflers in appearance and are commonly placed near the manifold of the vehicle.
Although these devices rarely wear out, they are subject to failure from external physical damage like impacts or from internal damage like overheating. Rich fuel mixtures and engine misfires can cause raw fuel to enter the converter and ignite. The resulting high temperatures can exceed the melting point of the catalyst components, leading to clogging and failure. The catalyst material inside the converter can also become contaminated by silicon or leaded fuel.
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A competent auto repair shop will take all aspects of possible failures into account when evaluating the exhaust system of a vehicle. Should you find out that your vehicle has failed the emissions test, don't panic. Let our confident and competent auto mechanics help you set everything to rights. Call us today to get started!