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Mufflers in Yakima, WA

For prompt, professional exhaust system repair in Yakima, WA, consider using A Muffler Bandit. We have been handling client needs for more than 30 years and have experience working with foreign and domestic models. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Custom pipe bending
  • Catalytic converter testing
  • Import performance
  • Diesel kits
  • Exhaust system maintenance
Catalytic converters are responsible for changing harmful hydrocarbons into less-polluting gasses before they exit the tailpipe of a vehicle. If the converter is malfunctioning in any way, the car may not pass the emissions test for vehicle registration. Testing catalytic converters helps ensure that everything is as it should be with the exhaust system of your vehicle, enabling you to rest assured that your vehicle is road-ready. If the catalytic converter fails the test, we will look deeper to see if there are other conditions contributing to poor performance.
Mufflers are responsible for reducing the noise produced by the engine during operation. They also help reduce emissions and are required to ensure that your vehicle passes state-mandated smog tests. We have the experience needed to service the wide variety of mufflers in use today.
Exhaust coming out of Car Pipe—Catalytic converter testing in Yakima WA
Silver Pipes—Catalytic converter testing in Yakima WA
Hot rods and other fancy vehicles often require custom exhaust systems to achieve their greatest potential. Custom pipe bending is an art as well as a science and requires skill to be done well. Our custom pipe benders have all the tools and expertise needed to ensure that your exhaust system is operating smoothly and efficiently.
We understand the needs of vehicle owners and stand ready to provide you with helpful and friendly service. From import performance to testing to custom exhaust systems, A Muffler Bandit is able to help you keep your wheels rolling smoothly.